Besides the cold weather, most of us are worried about our finances. The economy is still sluggish (OK, it’s in the toilet) and as we worry about putting food on the table and keeping the lights on. Somewhere we have to maintain our hair. It seems we have to make grim sacrifices and too often that means cutting back on our hair products. Despite our hair not being as important as keeping the lights on and keeping gas in the car, it’s still a necessity that requires upkeep and products. I’ve come up with a few tips that will allow you to take care of your hair without hurting your wallet.



First, there are a few different types of encapsulation techniques that are all commonly referred to as “capsules.” There are traditional capsules that are made primarily from gelatin; soft-shelled capsules that are more commonly known as softgels, which are used to contain supplements or medicines that are made up of oils, liquids or ingredients suspended in oil; and there are veggie capsules, or veggie-caps, that are produced for vegetarian consumption.


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